Monday, December 23

How I met your father; Chapter 1: First date

It was silent.
Well, the gerai tepi jalan was noisy, as always.

I remember our first-date, with the same blue shirts, it became so calm and realistic. 
There was a few stalls and mini-stage for karaoke. And Abg Don (indon) confidently on stage sang a song 'Kehilangan by Firman'. The sound was so loud but the two of us still silent.

“Minum?” Asked the waiter.
“Teh O' suam.” Said he. 
“Teh Ais.” I mimicked. The waiter smiled and repeated the order. 
“Teh O' suam & Teh Ais. Ok.”
“Tak, tukar Teh Ais 2, ok.

And between the long silence of waiting for the drink, he started talking.

So, Anis do you have a boyfriend?
No. I don't think boyfriend is so important.” Confident answer as always.
“Kalau nak kahwin kena ada boyfriend.” Soft and clear.
Saya tunggu jodoh jatuh dari langit.” 
And both of us, laughed.
We talked about love and jodoh, about life, past and versus.
Don't you think that, it was a very best moment when you talking about something beautiful; 
like love, with a stranger?

“Anis, dekat mana tu? 
Agaknya sempat ke saya ucap dan minum sebelum farewell ke awak” He asked
“Saya tengah makan, sekejap lagi dah balik.” a bit dissapointment there actually.
“Tengah makan? Nak joinnnnn.
“Okay cepat sebab saya dah nak siap ni. 
“Saya dah otw ke awak, sempat tak sempat saya pergi juga okay.

And I remember, 
we walked around the ceremony without any intention, to kill the time,
and how the feelings when this two eyes have to following his last steps
and that farewell 'Air Jagung'.

To be continue...


Anonymous said...

well anis. goodluck. for the first time i cried. lama xtegur you. i dont think i boleh tahan jadi kawan u bila dh jd cmni. sorry anis.

Judh said...

If we can't be friends anymore, yet I'll understand. so don't say sorry me. I'll always pray for ur happiness. But pls don't forget me, then pray for me too.